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NLP Training Courses

Leading you on the path to positive change and wellness in all facets of your life.

An education perspective that builds independence and resilience on an emotional level that flows into your lifestyle and way of living.

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2 Million Australians experience Anxiety in a 12month period

Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2008)
Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia with an average of 1 in 4 people experiencing anxiety at some stage in their life.

On Average, 1 in 6 people will experience depression at some stage of their lives

Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2008)
Depression affects how you feel about yourself, about your life and about your desire to continue – it makes it difficult to manage the things that come easy to most in everyday life.

1 in 7 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers experience postnatal depression

Perinatal Mental Health Consortium. (2008) Within the first 3months after having a baby almost 16% of woman experience depression; this can affect the relationship with the baby, the child’s development and the relationship with the father – sometimes separation of the family.

On average, 8 Australians die by suicide every day

Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2016)
As the leading cause of death for people between the age of 15 and 44. Suicide has reached an average of 8 deaths every day. If stress, anxiety or depression are not addressed promptly, it could result in suicide attempts.

NLP Training

The majority of people that attend NLP Practitioner Certification Training have a strong desire to understand their own behaviour, the reason they have thoughts cascade through their minds and why they cannot break certain habits or what triggers specific reactions. Some are joining us to become proficient in self-actualisation and ultimately gain control over their personal development. Others are aiming to transcend their levels of competence in business, career direction, personal ambitions or relationships. You may be joining us to achieve something similar AND have the passion to share your knowledge with others so that you can make a difference (like my meaning in life).


How will NLP help Children aged 14-18?

  •  Children that are suffering or unable to deal with the challenges caused by mental health and emotional stress, such as anger, anxiety, fear or depression, are able to learn the skills and techniques to remove the control that these states have over their thoughts and automatic reactions.
  •  Some children have been informed that they have symptoms of which reflect a disorder, such as Generaised Anxiety Disorder, Obsesive Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar, Anorexia, ADHD, Autism or Dyslexia. If children were to participate in NLP training, they would be able to understand why their body functions differently to anothers. The training allows these talented children to see through their own eyes in a way that helps them to percieve the unique magic they posess. It will guide these children to create positive intent in their life and to utilise the full potential of their individuality and passion. The symptoms they are showing can be altered in a way that they are able to employ their minds to focus on the specific detail they have not recognised yet – to start fresh with a new meaning behind their hidden skillset.
  •  75% of social phobia is manifested by age 15 and NLP training provides the knowledge to ensure that your children are able to communicate effectively, interact with confidence, hold an intellectual conversation in business or personal ventures and create quality relationships with friends and family along the way.

Why would you benefit from NLP training?

  •  When you are embarking on a new journey in the workforce or tertiary studies, the skills you learn with us, will help you gain fortified self-confidence and tenacity to accomplish business and personal ambitions in life. Will-power is like a muscle and when you exercise it enough you can become resistance and resilient to the challenges you face. Make life easier with the learnt skills from NLP Practitioner training.
  •   1 in 3 Australian students are not competing their degrees, but what if they were able to understand procrastination and how the immediate influences are affecting their choices in life? What if they were able to recognise the things that are attracting them for the wrong reasons and then stop themselves, in their footsteps, from making the wrong decisions? This is possible once they have the ability to open their perspective and see how the world around them has an impact on their choices in a single moment…. This concept not ony relates to studies, but diets, fitness level, business goals, family plans, holiday plans, home renovations, learning new skills, saving, investing, etc.
  •  Solidify happiness in your life and reveal the vision for your future. How many times do children question their ability to do something? Never, right! Doubt is like most other fears – it is only learnt from experience. However, I certainly didn’t fear anything as a child and my first fear of hieghts solidified in my life when I was training in the Army. A learnt fear my not affect you in childhood and if it is something you struggle with today, you no longer need to because you can let go of fear and replace it with excitement. If one minute you are happy and the next you are anxious about what will happen because you are inundated with stress from all angles of life… this is the same concept, it is learnt from what you are currently going through. NLP Courses attack the finer aspects of personal ambition to drive the inner desires associated with your true goals, so that you can achieve genuine happiness and self-love. Become the individual perfection you were born to be without question or doubt so you can share your smile!

How can Leaders in Business profit from NLP Training?

  •  For business owners that are currently experiencing problems in the workplace or are not reaching objectives because their team is not working efficiently and effectively as one, NLP training can help turn it around by educating you on the most profitable way to employ your staff and build a culture that promotes our business.
  •  Ultimately, the success of a company relies on the pillars of individual performance. There is no substitute for human performance despite the evolutionary technology you employ in the workplace. The skills you will learn when you join us on the next course, will arm you with the ability to coach your staff, bring out the best in each individual and sharpen the already acquired skills to dominate your industry.
  •  Save time by learning the imperative skills to manage your staff; emulate the leaders in business and personal develpment such as Russel Branson and Tony Robbins; Be up to date by replacing the obsolete ways of business, with a renewing vigor and energy; Gain a presitgious reputation for the level of standard you provide… All of this using proven NLP techniques once you have attended our next NLP course.

Who should not attend an upcoming event?

  • Those that are not dedicated to creating positive change in their life.
  • Anyone that will not take the time to help those they meet along the way.
  • People who do not see Value in the ability to gain self-control and power.


11th to 17th of December


Govinda Valley Retreat

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