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How long have you been wishing you would wake up with a smile?

There are so many people strolling through life without meaning, so many that have no idea why they continue to possess habits that are not serving them.

You can ignite the stimuli of your brain to boost your self-confidence so that when someone asks you “Is there anything you cannot do?”, your answer is, “No!’; Malina loves having the privilege of helping others do this – to believe it whole heartedly and even add to it with a smile.

As a sports competitor, travelling the nation since she was 5 years old, Malina has competed in most sports, dominating the Tennis courts, Cricket fields, AFL ovals and most significantly the Golf course. she has a champions mindset when faced with a challenge and her thrill for adventure drives her to seek the next opportunity along the way. Malina enlisted in the Australian Army on completion of high school to commence the training and discipline that would form the backbone of her ability to remove fear from her life, gaining freedom of self-doubt and the courage to attack any target with tenacity.

In 2012, Malina deployed overseas, confronting many challenges, but the toughest challenge was the return to Australia. Malina endured personal stress, financial stress, anxiety and depression, caused by the issues that had piled up in her absence. After self-referring to a psychologist Malina was able to realise that crying for no reason was a sign depression as a lot of thoughts were flying through her mind, making her feel out of control, but, most importantly, she was informed that this was a normal emotional reaction considering the circumstances… it was ok. Malina was tenacious in her ways, so she did not allow her mind to yield to the emotional manipulation occurring in her mind – this became the next challenge on the list – to overcome stress, anxiety and depression because it was not serving her.

From a child, it has been evident that Malina was born to help others and when asked what her favourite childhood memory is, she says,



“When I was younger I was helping my Aunt and Uncle clear a property on the south coast, where there were massive branches that we had to drag out to the front curb. As a little ‘tom-boy’ I would find the biggest branch possible and lift the heaviest ones I could, then run them to the front as fast as possible, to get back for more; this is when I was given the nickname Muscles.

While we were clearing the property, I noticed that my sister was fussing over something and she was right in the middle of an ants’ nest so she had jumped onto the fence. I remember walking over to piggy back her, thinking, ‘maybe I should have been born an older brother so I could protect my family’, and this is where I promised myself I would protect my family and as many people in my life along the way as possible.”


Malina shares her story in her trainings and the detail she will share with you, is absolutely priceless because she doesn’t only provide a picture of struggle that has been overcome, but leads you through the best techniques to ensure you can employ them to achieve happiness.

From the sporting arena to the disciplined soldier skills, Malina is now raising a beautiful and highly intelligent daughter, who exemplifies the skill set and talent that have been passed down. Now, her biggest desire is to share her knowledge and the tools she has used in her life, so that you too can achieve inner happiness, superior communication skills, control over one’s emotional state and the mental strength to conquer any challenge, be it mind or body. Malina welcomes you with open arms and once you get started you will never look back.

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