NLP Training


WHY should you study with us?

1. Do you want to know the best techniques to remove stress and anxiety from your life?
2. Do you want to build a stronger, more understanding and more exciting relationship?
3. Do you want to communicate more effectively with those you love or associate with in life?
4. Do you want to connect with clients, team members or superiors to create a happy environment?
5. Is there something in your life that just doesn’t feel right?

Why is NOW the right time?

  • Have you had enough of waking up each day, trying to figure out why you are getting out of bed?
  • Have you decided that you want to move in a new direction, and you are not quite sure what is holding you back?
  • Is there a challenge you are facing, right now, that you do not feel you have the resources to overcome?
  • Do you have a choice to make and you have no idea what you want – part of you wants it and the other part doesn’t?
  • Are you in a relationship that is on the brink, where you have been destructive towards it and you cannot figure out why?

———->>> If you have had enough, it is about time to make a change! <<<———-

The neurological messages that filter throughout your body to communicate and create behavior; messages sent from your mind to your physiology and vica versa.

Language that you use through body language and words, which are also expressively enhanced by your tone of voice and facial expression

The strategies you use when you act or react that have been molded by your previous experience; be it the emotional connection you have to a specific person, place or thing… the physical reaction you habitually conduct (e.g. biting your nails), or the way you communicate with others naturally, without aligning with the other persons needs.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to understand yourself and others?

NLP Courses provide the means to understand why you do what you do. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is educational and evidently successful in both understanding human behaviour and being able to observe the way a certain way you act, either serves a purpose for you to progress in life, or is holding you back from your full potential….AND the BEST PART… You can use the NLP techniques and processes to implement change in your life IMMEDIATELY so that you are able to enhance your results, to obtain the specific results, the results you want in life! That is not all… for the rest of your life you can use this knowledge in all contexts of your life to enjoy every moment, even the bad ones because you will be able to identify why it has happened.

Are you ready to make a move? Are you ready to change for the better, or are you still happy to sit on the fence while everyone else succeeds at life, but you, right now!


Take the opportunity to learn from the NLP Trainer of Master Excellence and see what you are made of.

It is time to reach your full potential and it is within reach, only as far away as a click of the button to join this course.

This is the last course of 2017 and it is the only course that offers you everything in one week of bliss!

Time to finish the old you and time to start fresh as the new and improved YOU! 

Make a choice… choose to get up every day and wish you didn’t have to, or choose to get up every day and open your eyes to opportunity, happiness, gratitude and a feeling of absolute pride – knowing that this day will never come again, but you are the best you could be, the best you have ever hoped for and you have done everything you can to grow, learn and be the best you that you can be.

Make the choice, take the jump and make it happen!


When you attend NLP Practitioner Training you will be shocked by the journey you are about to embark on because you can accomplish so much more:

Discover how NLP Techniques reveal what is holding you back

If you have ever doubted yourself in life, you are about to learn how to remove self-doubt and be independently confident with your new found NLP techniques.

When you implement one of the main Neuro Linguistics Programming skills, to pause and plan your thoughts along the way, doubt becomes a memory of the past and you will overcome the obstacles you face.

Get rid of indecisive actions using Time Line Therapy®. When it comes to making decisions, be it at work, in the home or for the direction you wish to grow your relationships… you will make them with resolute force.

Are you ready to remove the thoughts that keep dragging you down?

We are here to help and as ready as you are to start right now!


Find out how to unleash empowerment with NLP Training and reach your full potential


Fear is a common denominator in life. It will stop you from doing the things you want most.


It has been proven that a baby is not born with fear, but a reflex called the ‘Moro Relfex’; this is a startle reaction when the baby experiences excessive or sudden information through their natural senses. The two known fears are loud noises and the sense of falling (primarily falling backwards).


If you are sick of a tiny spider controlling your actions, or frustrated by memory loss as you stand out the front ready to speak to the audience, or tender to the idea of intimacy because you do not wish to endure the pain of heart break, again… you are hiding from your true potential. This is the Neuro Linguistic Programming that has occured naturally and it is time to reprogram yourself


The experience of fear evolves into automatic reaction because this abusive behaviour tenderizes your ability to see other options. Fear causes you to spend 90% of your daily routine avoiding your fears. It is about time you add value to your life and become fearless.

Time Line Therapy® can pull you out of this and remove the fear, anger, sadness, guilt, hurt, and much more, so you can empower your dreams once again, as you did in your childhood.

Aspire to be the best you that you can be!


NLP Courses provide the techniques for sustaining a high level of motivation

We all have those days where procrastination is the key tool to getting nothing done, right! This is the prime opportunity to reflect on why you have done that and how you can fix it.

Imagine waking up every day with a clear focus on what you must achieve on that day!

Identify your goals, set your schedule, work backwards from the achieved goal step by step until you are here, now. Break the steps down into months, weeks and days so that you can focus on specific tasks. Along the way you may face challenges, but with your plan set, read it daily to inspire yourself.

Be recognised as an authority in your own mind to enhance your focus because when you are truly motivated it will not matter who you are or how long you have been around – it will only matter how much energy you feed your motivation.

Renew your vigor and energy to create inner vitality.


Understand and put into practice innovative NLP training tools for personal growth 

Quotes are a prime example of inspiration that helps you create innovative ideas in your life. How many times have you heard something, someone else has said, that ignites your thoughts and the ideas come rolling in on how you can use the concept in your own circumstances, right!

We have some powerful tools and techniques to trigger personal growth and avoid effort.

Be 1st at something.


Acquire the ability to effectively communicate in relationships on your NLP training course – business and personal

It seems like relationships is one of the most difficult aspects of life to maintain in modern day society.

Have you ever struggled to get your partner to understand you?

Do you hold hope that they are concerned with your feelings even though they show no empathy when you are sad?

Maybe you are trying to show the team your point of view and they are completely off track.

Is there a friend that regardless of what you do they just do not listen to what you have said?

Knowledge is a powerful tool to understanding behavior and once you can identify a person’s behavior you can act and react in a way that will work within the confines of that persons understanding, ensuring quality and effective communication.

Protect oneself and the family by learning how to communicated effectively.


Learn the secrets to body language and physiology, so you can employing Neuro-Linguistics Programming to successfully gain rapport with others

Those eyes of yours tell a story.

Whether you are constructing information, recalling information, remembering the feeling, thinking to yourself, or conversing with a person from another culture, there are ways you can identify the process that is occurring in a person’s mind during a conversation.

You can become the next secret intelligence officer of human interaction.

One of the other tactics is to analyze the bodies composure and physiology.

Are you aware that the way a person structures their stance can tell you if you should approach them with an upbeat energetic action or a tender and caring demeanor?

Learn the steps to understanding behavior and approach people with confidence.


Gain NLP Skills that help you identify your purpose in life and the steps to achieve success

There is so much happening every day that there is little time to pause and plan, so personal development and personal growth are important keys to achieving success.

Health and wellbeing is a major influence on that which you achieve and that which you don’t.

It seems that there are many in life that learn what they must do to get by, but there is little motivation to go further. Once you stop learning you will stunt your growth and all other aspects of your life will be effected, what is known as the ‘Domino Effect’.

Time to learn the steps to achieve success, be it personal, business or relationships.


Give back to those who are searching for a better future by sharing your new-found NLP knowledge

History provides the pillars of knowledge and wisdom to the people of today. Those that are named in history are remember by name as they provided the means to share their knowledge. This impacted people of the world by opening their eyes to new techniques, information, process, technology and much, much more.

We emulate persons of authority through stories shared on the walls of caves, bonfire nights with traditional songs, dances that have meaning behind them and bedtime stories or prayers. Our predecessors have influenced the world today by sharing their knowledge for those of us that succeed them.

Help others smile each day and feel important. Start by gaining social acceptance and then using the skills we have taught you execute right techniques, at the right time, in the right place and with the right people (I say people as plural empowers you to work with many – why not aim for the stars?). Be among the leaders or become one as you win the affection of others by being ore beautiful within yourself.

Why not identify with the stories of history and become the identity of the future stories of today!